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Cuckoo Clocks from Triberg in the Black Forest Watches according to customer demand

On the following pages we´ll inform you about us, our MCC Clocks (Master Carvers Club), other carvings, hand painted items and also about history from cuckoo-clocks.

We are a small family business, who wants to keep the cuckoo-clock in the traditional way and who produces quality cuckoo-clocks through exquisite craftsmanship for the demanding customer.

We want to emphasize, that our cuckoo-clocks are not mass-produced, like the others, which you can find everywhere. Every piece is planned and produced individuell and sold with pleasure. In case you like to visit us, we are open from Easter till November every day: 11.00 a.m. till 5.00 p.m. In the winter-months we are open irregular open, but you can contact us for questions or appointments.

We manufacture exclusive cuckoo clocks and MCC clocks - in Triberg in Schwarzwald

I, Oliver Zinapold, have been always fascinated about wood. That´s the reason why i started in 1986 an apprenticeship to get a woodcarver. That took me than 3 years.

In 1989 i had my examination and i got the woodcarver degree. After that i worked 8 years as a woodcarver in a local clock factory. After all those years i thought that´s enough experience to go to the master school.

That took me another 2 years full time school. At the end of the time i did my examination good and got the master degree [...]

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