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MCC Clocks

The M.C.C. – Clocks are only available here in this store. The M.C.C.-Club was founded in 2005 by five Master Carvers, Carpenters and Clockmakers to protect the Black Forest cuckoo-clock. We want to maintain an old tradition.

All carvings are done with love and pleasure by our carvers. There is no mass production of these clock-models. There would be done always just a small amount of several models.

Our clocks are equipped with:

  • deep carved carvings
  • figures, hands and cuckoo from wood
  • decoration is from pure natural materials
  • mechanical movement from SBS in Schonach, Black Forest
  • rust-resistant chains from brass
  • basic box from massive wood or shingles on the house and on the roof
  • proportional right and realistic representation from animals, plants and people
  • night-off-switch
  • instructions in English
  • 5 years warranty (with service-addresses world-wide)

Please take your time and a look. Put your attention to details like the clock face, hands and the carvings. Then compare them to factory-made ones and you`ll realize the differences.

The Wood we use:

  • mainly lindenwood
  • maple, pine, walnut, cherrytree, nuttree, oak

What we don't use:

  • animals, which don`t look like in Nature
  • electronic movement from China or Korea
  • plastic-arts like cuckoo, decoration or figures
  • visible plywood-cases and boards
  • careless decoration, which doesn't fit proportional
  • too many toys on the clock like beer drinkers, kissing-pair, woodchopper, which are also sensitive parts of the movement

With a M.C.C. – cuckoo-clock you are the happy owner of a piece of 350 years old Black Forest tradition.

Are You Interested?

You can reach us at 07722 91 95 46. Of course you can contact us via e-mail. We will reply as soon as possible!

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