Artis Nativity
Artis Nativity, done from maple-wood, modern-style, handpainted
Traditional cuckoo-clock
Traditional cuckoo-clock, 8-days, hunting-style with night-off-switch, deep-carved, all from wood
Reproduction from a very old cuckoo-clock-motive
Reproduction from a very old cuckoo-clock-motive, 8-days with night-off-switch, shingles all around, all from wood
wooden chest
wooden chest, massive, handpainted in farmers-painting-style
Crucifix Christus
crucifix Christus, maple-wood from one piece
Angels, done from maple-wood, handpainted
Angelbusts, done from maple-wood, handpainted
deepcarved wooden plate
deepcarved wooden plate, handpainted, Black Forest motive
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